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tandem photographie


Jessie Harvey

Hôte Événements was originally founded by Lily Ostos (right) and I (left). Since March 2020, I am now the sole owner of Hôte Événements.


After having planned multiple weddings over the course of many years at one of Quebec city’s leading wedding planning companies, I understand the importance of building long-lasting relationships with my clients. 


I believe delivering a refined service, with a focus on the needs and vision of the client, is essential in any successful event delivery, as does my team. My expertise has allowed me to manage and execute events of many scales and budgets with ease and confidence. 


Although I believe that a beautiful design and memorable experience is essential to every occasion, large or small, I also understand the importance of  flawless planning and execution. To me, unexpected touches, and a sophisticated service is what truly leaves guests with a lasting impression

- Jessie

Gabrielle De Saint-Riquier

I started as an Assistant Coordinator and quickly fell in love with every aspect of the role. Through my hard work, detail-oriented nature and dedication to delivering the utmost experience to clients, I was given more opportunities to learn and grow within the company.


Fuelled by passion, creativity is at the heart of everything I undertake. I also rely on a relationship of trust by offering a high-end service and understand that communication is key to ensure your vision is executed to its fullest potential so your dreams can become a reality.

- Gabrielle

Cathy Lessard
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